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2013- Happy Family from Taking Action

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Year, New Start, No Playing

Today I'm going to get my taxes done by the same accountant we've used for the last 13 years. I realized that while a LOT of things have changed over the last few years there are so many that have stayed the same. It all comes down to one thing. I am awesome at starting and planning and then everything goes to crap. Anyone else feel that way?Yep, thought so.

Last night, after talking to a friend that I grew up with, but haven't seen in YEARS, I realized that a lot of reasons that my life hasn't changed in the ways I truly want it to is because I haven't put forth the effort. There, I said it. It wasn't important enough.

Guess I should feel better about saying it. Kinda makes me feel like a crappy person to admit that I haven't realized how much time I've wasted and allowed to pass. Looking over my last posts I paid lip service to the fact that I let things slide but I still never made the decision to change.

This year is already full of so much opportunity. We are close to paying off all of our debt. We are planning two, yes two, vacations in the next 13 months and our two kids have moved downstairs even if all of the repairs aren't finished. With the debt payoffs we will be able to make greater progress in our home repairs and start building a significant emergency fund. My focus on working my plan can mean the difference between huge success and us still struggling at the end of the year. Essentially, it's all in my lap.

No let's do this thing!