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Thursday, September 15, 2011

100 Days to Change Your life- Are You Up for the Challenge?

I realize that it is the end of the year and people normally try to make changes in their life at the start of a new year. Guess it's like a diet, "I'll start over on Monday.". Do you really want to wait around til "Monday" to change the things that make you unhappy now? I don't. We're going to officially start on Monday but these next few days are time for you to complete your prep work.

Prep Work for 100 Day Change Your Life Challenge
Decide what you want to change. You may be able to list a million things off the top of your head but for this challenge you are going to pick 5. Spend time thinking about what five habits or five specific parts of your life would make the most immediate impact on your life. Do not be general, determine a specific amount of money to save or a certain number of pounds to lose. Whatever it is must be measurable.

Write it down. Make a list of the fab five ideas that you are going to change. Now write down HOW you are going to change them.

Here's mine:

1. To lose 30 pounds. This will be accomplished by daily exercise of 1 hour and slowly eliminating junk food from my diet. I've already got a step up because I quit drinking sodas.

2. Creating/implementing morning, afternoon and evening routines in order to get the kids to help around the house more and eliminate constant chaos.

3. Renovating our basement so that our two oldest kids can move downstairs by the first of the year. **New for 2013** To finish the "living area" of the basement now that the kids rooms are 80% completed.

4. Creating a larger emergency fund.Goal of putting a minimum of $50 a week into the money market account. I plan on cutting back on eating out and making more meals from scratch. We will be doing a lot of free stuff for the holidays and I will keep an eye out on craigslist and freecycle for stuff I can repurpose.

5. Exploding my writing business by approaching local businesses with my copywriting services and devoting a solid 40 hours a week to promoting and working the business.**New for 2013** My writing business now involves less about local business and more about writing fiction and helping others publish their own works through being a editor and writing coach.

There you go. What are your five? Are you ready for a life change? Accountability offered here with weekly check in. Want some daily accountability help? I'm offering to do a daily check in via Instant Message. Drop me an email with your AIM, Yahoo, or Gtalk addy and I will connect with you. Send it to

I'll have a button posted on Monday for you to show your participation in the 100 Day Change Your Life Challenge. Til then, stay awesome!

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