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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update and New Exciting Things

I wanted to give you an update about our sickly puppy. He now has kennel cough which he is taking an additional antibiotic for. We are finishing up the Parvo meds and he is eating and drinking and chewing on the bone we bought him. He's still in the crate and we have to decontaminate everything for another 2 weeks to keep from spreading the virus to other dogs. But he pulled through!!!!

I keep thinking that if we hadn't adopted him when we did then not only would he have almost certainly be put down but that numerous other dogs would have been contaminated as well. I want to save another family from picking out a family pet and finding out that it's either shell out a ton of money or have your new dog put down. It has weighed on me so heavily that I am placing a donation link on this website to help vaccinate animals that find their way to shelters and help them find homes. A mobile vet travels to nearby shelters here in Georgia and gives reasonable rates. She estimated $50 per dog to give them complete vaccines and heartworm treatments. What do you say? Are you up for adding a couple dollars to help make animals healthier and for them to find a home? Tell you what, for the first 100 people that donate $10 or more I will send them a copy of my paranormal novel Gateways. The perfect gift for someone in time for Halloween.

Have a great day!

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