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Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu/Money Monday

Yes this is menu planning Monday but this week I'm adding in the money part. Why? Because planning out your menu saves you money so that you don't order pizza 3 times a week and stops you from wasting food. You aren't waiting until 4 or 5pm wondering what to fix for dinner. You aren't allowing vegetables to die because you "ran out of time" to create the meal you wanted to use them for. If you're trying to save money I believe it is essential to create at least a basic menu plan.

That being said I must confess that I didn't make my roast last week because we ended up getting takeout. So don't think that we are eating roast two weeks in a row.

bagels, fruit
grits and bacon
eggs and bacon
toaster strudels/toast
homemade chicken biscuits
english muffins-plain or with bacon,egg and cheese

Lunch: leftovers or sandwiches

Roast with carrots, potatoes, green beans and homemade bread
pork chops, steamed vegetables, jasmine rice
corn dogs with homemade french fries
chili and cornbread
homemade potato soup and homemade bread
theme movie night: viewing the newest TRON movie
leftover buffet

Because I was a slacker and forgot to list my movie night menu I am going to list it now.
Last week the movie was THOR and I made:

  • Mini Hammers: mini hamburgers with toothpicks inserted 
  • Lightening Bolt Brownies: I just drew lightening bolts on with icing but if you found a lightening shape cookie cutter that would be awesome
  • Frost Giant Slushies: the easiest way to do this is 2 cups of water, 1 koolaid package(I used blue colored), 4 cups of ice and 3/4 cups of sugar blended in a blender until the consistency of a Slush Puppy
  • Portal Traveling Staff: crispy bread sticks with hummus for dipping 
Now on to this week's movie night foods: TRON
  • Throwing Discs: giant pizza bagels 
  • Tron Cycle: vegetable tray arranged to mimic the shape of the TRON cycle(pics on Friday)
  • Game Portal Punch: Koolaid or Juice mixed with half seltzer water
  • Good vs. Evil Cookies: a batch of homemade sugar cookies, divide dough into two groups, use blue food coloring on one and red on the other before rolling into a "log" and refrigerating (the dough should be made at least 24 hours in advance)

I hope you enjoy!
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What are you planning for dinner?

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