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Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Steps are Key-Day 1

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 You have your goals written down and you are all set to get started. Hopefully you have your goal set for the end of the week. Did you break down this week's goals into daily steps? If not, then you may find the day getting away from you and your goals fading into the distance. 

Stop what you are doing and look at this week's goals. Name two things you can complete on a daily basis to get you closer to each of your goals. An example would be to exercise for 15 or 30 minutes a day if you are trying to get healthy. If you want to save money then plan out your meals and spend a little extra time preparing them earlier in the day if needed.

Write each of these steps down so that you have the continual visual reminder. Put this list with your goals sheet. Read over them first thing in the morning and before bed. You are already reading your 100 day goals during this time so an extra 5 minutes won't be a problem.

Bonus idea: Keep a journal and jot down a few thoughts about how the day went. This can be a few sentences or just key words about how you felt each day. 

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