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Friday, January 20, 2012

We Interrupt Your Irregularly Scheduled Posts

I have a confession. This post is dated for only one day after the last one. I'm doing this to let you know that although I've been creating posts in my head they haven't been making it onto the blog. Why? Um, because I fell off my 100 day challenge wagon. Who am I kidding? I fell off, cracked my head, rolled down the hill, hit a slope-shaped boulder and catapulted into the nearby ravine. Upon landing in the water I proceeded to flail about insanely hoping to be rescued and no one noticed. That's when I realized that the water was only hip deep and I had to get my own butt out of the water by crawling up onto the grassy shore.

So starting today I am back on dry land and will be posting all of those awesomely amazing blog posts to help motivate those women (and men) out there who struggle with balancing homemaking and their sense of self. I will be back dating all of them so that anyone coming into this part way can start from day 1 and go straight through to day 100 without wondering what the hell happened in between.

Without further ado (and in the words of Linguine the chef from Ratatouille) I say "Let's do this thing!"

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