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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love; Love Will Keep Us Together-Day 4

Let me preface this post by explaining a little bit. A few bloggers I know choose a word to represent their motto/goal for the year. After a great deal of prayer and meditation I have came to rest on LOVE. 

There's a saying that until you learn to love yourself you cannot love others. I also believe that until you love yourself you cannot truly BE loved by others.
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 What does love really mean?

  • Patience: When you truly feel love for yourself and those around you it is possible to step outside your own circumstances and have compassion for what others are going through. This means when that cashier at the store is super slow you stop and think maybe a member of their family just died or maybe they have a painful condition. If your 5 year old still can't find their shoes then you will stop and think of how to help them find them now and how to remember them later.
  • Kindness: People are often in such a hurry to get things done that they forget to show kindness to those around them. What do you consider true kindness?
  • Selflessness: I'm not talking about sacrificing yourself. I'm talking about having a servant's heart when doing tasks for family and friends. Instead of thinking horrid thoughts while doing laundry or cooking, you think about how you are blessing those around you with clean clothing and a wonderful meal.
  • Thoughtfulness: Thinking beyond the everyday and remembering the little things.
  • Resisting being rude: If you are loving yourself and those around you then you aren't thinking "Just shut up already." or "I'm so stupid."
  • Not being irritable: Connecting in love allows you to let go of being angry.
  • Able to believe the best in people: You stop dwelling on the mistakes that you have made and that others around you have made and look for a fresh start.
  • Not jealous: When you love yourself you let go of why don't you have or why you aren't like others. You accept yourself for who you are and where you are in your life.
  • Make a good impression: Loving yourself makes you want to put your best foot forward and always show that love to others.
  • Unconditional: Love perseveres regardless of weight, economic status, or marital status.
  • Cherishes: This isn't just a term for marriage. You must also cherish yourself.
  • Let others win: You don't have to be first all of the time.
  • Delight in life: Knowing true love in your heart frees you to be truly happy.
  • Honorable: You are able to do what is right with ease and grace when you have real love.
  • Intercedes with prayer: Love is about praying for your loved ones problems not hounding them about changing.
  • Promotes intimacy: Using your heart to lead you with real love helps you to connect at a deeper level with your loved ones.
  • Seeks to understand: You want to find out the whys instead of looking to place blame.
  • Spiritually motivated: You must be connected to your spirit in order to find real love.
  • Faithful: You honor your beliefs and your commitments. Love does not allow you to back down from your responsibilities.
  • Peace: This is something that cannot be attained successfully without having real love.
  • Protects: You are able to protect yourself and your family from spiritual attacks as well as from the emotional damage that can happen when you come into contact with hateful, mean and virtually evil people.
  • Forgives: You cannot hold onto a grudge if your heart is overflowing with love. This includes issues you've had with yourself.
  • Responsible: No hiding, no ignoring issues. You face things head on.
  • Encourages: You are content with yourself so you are able to encourage those around you to be a better them.
  • Brings unity: Loving yourself attracts others to you. You are then able to share that love and create a bond that no other emotion can.
These are only a few things that I could think of. Are you ready to love yourself through the changes? Are you ready to love yourself for where you are right now?

Bonus idea: If you have been feeling empty or alone try looking for one way to be kind everyday. This can be forgiving yourself for not completing your schedule, giving your family extra hugs, or giving something away to a complete stranger.

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